flexx-ipc concept - individual systems

flexx-ipc® concept - INDIVIDUAL SYSTEMS

Hoffmann + Krippner is partnering with system integrators in the industrial automation sector all over the world. With flexx-IPC®, a simplified but powerful and reliable Panel PC solution is now available. flexx-IPC® provides affordable and custom tailored user interface solutions that fit exactly for each individual purpose. Current projects focus on:

  • Project implementation - design, software, hardware, engineering, installation, commissioning
  • Upgrades of automation machinery (retrofitting)
  • Standardized control units for PLCs 
  • Quality supplier for OEMs
  • Industrial manufacturing

"Our newest product, the flexx-IPC®, has been very well received by our customers. The early adaptors over the last few months have all shown a very high interest in working with Hoffmann + Krippner and flexx-IPC®. It’s not just the customizability and flexibility that these clients value about our product. For many the software options we offer and foremost the low cost of ownership seems to be the deciding factor for switching to Hoffmann + Krippner. I believe that Hoffmann + Krippner have hit a homerun with this newest product and that the flexx-IPC® will soon be found in many integration companies as well as OEM applications."

Jens Kautzor, Hoffmann + Krippner Sales Director for the US and Canada

Other possible fields of applications for the flexx-IPC®:

  • Plant engineering 
  • Drive engineering 
  • Handling engineering 
  • Mechanical engineering 
  • Paper industry 
  • Control technology 
  • Packaging industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Medical Technology