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    What types of I/O connectivity does flexx-IPC®M and LT offer?

    External I/O ports are: Ethernet, RS232, USB, Audio Out/ Mic in, PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse (flexx-IPC® M Power)

    Internal I/O ports: SATA, USB, RS232, GPIO, PCI Express, /2 Keyboard & Mouse ?(flexx-IPC® M Advanced)

    Additional I/O ports can be provided on request by using a PCI Express Card. For those project specific requests please contact our support-team.

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    Can I add additional switches to the flexx-IPC®?

    Yes, flexx-IPC® provides options for additional switches. The front panel has several centre holes (16 and 20 mm) for a customised switch layout.

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    Can I protect my data on the flash drive from unauthorised access?

    flexx-IPC® offers the possibility to secure the data with an enhanced writer filter (EWF), a file based write filter (FBWF) and a disk encryption tool (BitLocker).

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    How much hard disk space is available?

    Standard versions have up to 32 GB hard disk space. In the customised version up to 16 GB Flash Memory will be available. Also a 2.5” solid state disk (SDD) can be provided on request.

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    How much system memory does flexx-IPC® support?

    The flexx-IPC® M and LT advanced versions supports a maximum of 2 GB RAM, while flexx-IPC® M and LT power versions supports a maximum of 4 GB RAM.

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    Is the (de-)installation of feature packs under Windows Embedded Standard 7 possible?

    Individual changes are always possible. This requires a customer specific software image - for further assistance, please contact our support team.

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    What are the operating systems for flexx-IPC® M and LT?

    flexx-IPC® advanced versions are available with Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Standard 7. flexx-IPC® power versions are available with Windows Embedded Standard 7. For further information please check the datasheet. Customer specific systems with LINUX are also available on request.

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    Which LINUX distribution will be available for the customer specific version of the flexx-IPC®?

    For the customised versions of flexx-IPC®, Hoffmann + Krippner provides LINUX Fedora.

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    Can I determine specific key labels?

    Yes, using the flexx-IPC® Easy Label templates the customer can realise individual key labels. The templates can be printed with a laser printer on a suitable white foil. The cutted labels could be simply slided into the pockets on the back of the front panel. Please find template and description in the download area.

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    Is it possible to choose a different type of display?

    Not every display type is compatible with flexx-IPC® hardware. Customer specific displays have to be checked first, please contact our support team.

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    Can I customise flexx-IPC® with my own front design?

    Special adjustments and individual front designs are always possible. For further information, please contact our support team.

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    Which power supply do I need for flexx-IPC®?

    flexx-IPC® systems are either connected to 230V AC with a standard DC power adapter or directly to the local DC power (12V or 24V) provided by the machine environment. For more details please download the flexx-IPC® operating manual.

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    Which software platforms are available for flexx-IPC®?

    For OEM’s and system integrators a powerfull HMI software solution called flexx-HMI®  is available for the connection to industrial standard controllers. Please contact our support team for individual questions.

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    What is the lifecycle of hardware components used in flexx-IPC®?

    flexx-IPC® systems are equipped with long life and high quality components. Based on an enhanced life cycle management we will report in advance any incompatible hardware changes, e.g. caused by our suppliers, to our customers to find a suitable solution.

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    What about remote diagnostic features for flexx-IPC®?

    The product flexx-RESTORE® is providing extensive diagnostic and recovery features to eliminate the need for manual intervention when rectifying hardware and/or software problems.